May 14, 2016

A Current Affair Brooklyn May 21 & 22

A preview of our selection for the upcoming show photographed by Clay Gibson, styled by Stacey Nishimoto, with model Sarita Jaccard … go to for more info and to buy tickets (discounted in advance) xo, SM

IMG_8401 IMG_8362 IMG_8550 IMG_8197 IMG_8227 IMG_8245 IMG_8526 IMG_8515 IMG_8476 IMG_8416 IMG_8426 IMG_8446 IMG_8269 IMG_8271 IMG_8313
June 3, 2014

Freedom Camp

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November 5, 2013


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Stone Muse

StoneMuseLB01 StoneMuseLB02 StoneMuseLB03 StoneMuseLB04 StoneMuseLB05 StoneMuseLB06 StoneMuseLB07 StoneMuseLB08 StoneMuseLB09

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

GirlLB01 GirlLB02 GirlLB03 GirlLB04 GirlLB05 GirlLB06 GirlLB07 GirlLB08 GirlLB09 GirlLB10 GirlLB11 GirlLB12 GirlLB13

Headed to the Canyon

lb-canyon01 lb-canyon02 lb-canyon03 lb-canyon04 lb-canyon05 lb-canyon06 lb-canyon07 lb-canyon08 lb-canyon09 lb-canyon10 lb-canyon11 lb-canyon12 lb-canyon13 lb-canyon14 lb-canyon15 lb-canyon16

Daughter of the Earth

Izzy11 Izzy21 Izzy4 Izzy3 Izzy5 Izzy6 Izzy8 DaughterLB08 DaughterLB09

Rien que la Fille

Rien-02 Rein-17 Rein-04 Rein01 Rein-05 Rein-16 Rein-12 Rein-08 Rein-09 Rein-10 Rein-07 3 - Rien que la Fille

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock & Roll

country-001 country-01 country-03 country-07 country-08 country-04 country-009 country-10 country-11 country-0011 country-0013 country-14 country-0014 country-15 country-16 country-17 country-18 country-0019 country-20 country-121 country-281 country-321 country-0023
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